Daily Star Mobile Customer Reviews:


Total crap. Takes for ever to open


Take a long time to load or not at all, a big paper like the express would be a lot better, I'll stick to the mail on line.

Waste of time


So slow for articles to open. Uninstalled

I actually get more from the NEWSPAPER !

Loads lots of headlines , doesn't load stories . UNINSTALLED .


Bastared,always against Islam,PLZ reject all Muslims(sojourn)

Yellow Media

They published illegal news against Dr. Zakir Naik.

hate it

yellow journalism

The worst

Don't waste your data


Loading times take forever!!!!

Pages still very slow to load

Nothing loads!!!

Very slow

Very slow

The home page loads instantly but individual articles either don't load at all or take between 10 and 40 secs to load. It won't be fixed as the last update was Jan 2015. Poor.

Too slow

Had to uninstall because I didn't have time to read it.

Works fine

Nothing wrong with the loading at all

Just too slow

Would be good otherwise


Your app is terrible....fix the loading times of articles. Never seen an app so slow in my life!!


See all comments about lack of speed below and get a grip

Daily Star

So so slow at loading every article.


This is so slow that its worthless to install. Even over 4g or wifi.

So slow can anyone tell me why??

Turtle mode paper

Let down

Poor and very slow

Slow loading And broken video links

Takes forever for stories to load and appears all video links are broken and never load, is there a fix for this?

Very good


Useless app, takes forever for pages to load up.

It really was slow

It still really is slow

Lol is this a joke ?

20 mins to load a story 😵😵wtf ?

Sooo Sloooooooww

Terrible app, takes forever to load a basic page. Waste of time.


The app is so slow to open an article....ud be quicker walking to the shops, reading the paper, and recycling it in to a bottle

Don't bother

Really slow


Very Good


Don't you even try your own app, very slow when it does work.

Too slow

Had enough of the very slow loading times

Fix the loading times they are a big joke. I am in installing this because of ot

Oh wow..

.. Believe all the reviews. I have a beast of a phone that I've just factory reset and this is still the slowest app ever.


Really is slow. When I click a news article to read I want it to load in one or two seconds not one or two minutes.


The app is so slow you're better off going and physically buying a paper!

Top Newspaper 📰 ap really love it

Thankyou for such a rounded ap has everything I need

Very slow